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    Musculoskeletal Center Wuerzburg
    Core-Institutions dealing with Musculoskeletal Diseases
    Department of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Clinic
    Department of Trauma, Hand, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Clinic and Policlinic for Plastic Facial, Mouth and Maxillary Surgery
    Department for Functional Materials in Medicine and Dentistry
    Chair for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
    Department of Chemical Technology and Synthesis of Materials
    Chair for Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy
    IZKF Junior Research Group

    Network structure of the Musculoskeletal Center Würzburg MCW

    Institutions which only partly deal with musculoskeletal diseases are also incorporated into the network like the chairs and hospitals for Internal Medicine with a focus on Endocrinology, Oncology and Nephrology and the Pediatric Hospital. Further partners are the chairs and hospitals for  Neurology and Neurosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, Anesthesiology, x-ray Diagnostics, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Geriatrics.

    Diagnosis and treatment are implemented in both conservative and operative disciplines. Internal Medicine takes care of inflammatory joint diseases, tumors and metabolic bone diseases. Neurology is dealing with neuromuscular diseases and spine disorders. The core institutions in surgery, e.g. orthopedic surgery, trauma surgery, maxillofacial surgery and also neurosurgery and general surgeons are involved in the care for skeletal diseases. Also several diagnostic institutes are involved in patient care like the Institutes for Nuclear Medicine, Pathology, Microbiology and the Institute for Radiology. Disciplines taking care of the elderly are increasingly getting relevant like Rehabilitation Medicine and Geriatrics. The MCW aims to network all these disciplines, to foster better communication and interdisciplinary patient care. One of our goals is also to get the experts to the patient and not the patient to many experts. Complicated cases are discussed in expert rounds and there is also interdisciplinary surgery for example with respect to complicated spine interventions.


    Muskuloskelettales Centrum Würzburg
    Brettreichstr. 11
    97074 Würzburg

    Phone: +49 931 803-1582
    Fax: +49 931 803-1599

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